Rapid Voicer Online Course


This voicing method was designed by my mentor Dr. Jack P. Hamilton. The Rapid Voicer System will revolutionize the way you approach voicing. This amazing new system makes service voicing attainable for all technicians. It is the only voicing method ever developed which contains precise and controlled elements for voicing a piano up or down quickly.

Are you willing to try it?

I have received the tools with many thanks. I have already voiced my piano at home a 25 years old Korean Piano who’s hammer heads became hard like a rock with an extremely bright sound. Refacing in the past did not help much. The result : Pure Magic! The tone of the piano came back with only one incision. And the most important it is so easy to do with the rapid tools.

B Regards, Harris Georgallis

A note from Jack:

I have collected this information over the past 30 years and have used it at our piano store to voice thousands of pianos. At our store, these techniques have successfully assisted in the sale of millions of dollars of pianos from coast to coast. I personally know other great technicians who have tested the Rapid Voicer tools and I have received wonderful testimonials from them about their success. They report that it is the quickest way they have ever been able to perform voicing and produce exactly what they want every time. This system provides you with the tools and methods to perform extremely accurate voicing in a fraction of the time required by other methods and it works wonderfully on any type or brand of piano. Once you learn, test, and embrace this method you will have an immediate advantage in the field of piano technology and voicing.

What Technicians say about the RAPID VOICER

…I placed the keyframe back in the piano, took a deep breath, and began to play. I found myself saying, “Oh, my.., oh my…” The sweetness had returned to my piano, without loss of power!

-Douglas Gordon

I have received the tools with many thanks. I have already voiced my piano at home a 25 years old Korean Piano who’s hammer heads became hard like a rock with an extremely bright sound. Refacing in the past did not help much. The result : Pure Magic! The tone of the piano came back with only one incision. And the most important it is so easy to do with the rapid tools.

B Regards, Harris Georgallis

Dear Eric,

I received the Rapid Voicer kit yesterday and was anxious to try it out on my 6’1” grand. After about 13 years of regular playing, it had become very bright. As a result, I found myself playing less often! I watched your excellent video and read over the text that you provided.  The instructions were very clearly presented and reassuring, as I have always approached the strike point with extreme caution.

After completing the initial voicing of the entire piano, I placed the keyframe back in the piano, took a deep breath, and began to play. I found myself saying, “Oh, my.., oh my…” The sweetness had returned to my piano, without loss of power (just as you promised). After a few touch-ups with the pick tool, I gave it a complete test of just about every type of music I could. Bach was clean and mellow, without any loss of clarity. Chopin’s “Raindrop Prelude”, with all of the repeated notes, was a joy to play. (In fact, it was the piece which frustrated me enough to seek out new voicing methods). I played pieces with lots of inner voices to see if they would still project appropriately – they did!! I majored in piano and know what the instrument should be able to do – I was ecstatic, to say the least!

Eric, I don’t mean to go on so long, but I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your tools and technique. It is, indeed, a fast and precise way to effect voicing without dealing with traditional voicing needles. I have often been frustrated with them and found it very time consuming and somewhat of a gamble to get things just right and not go too far in any of the voicing areas.

I have read some skeptical reviews of your technique on various piano bulletin boards online. All I can say is, they need to try it before they attempt to make criticisms! Every new idea is met with resistance from the “old guard” and this is no different. Where would piano technology be if we never innovated? (I also noted that none of the critics had actually tried your method, interesting…..

In my 30 years of piano work, I’m excited to have found such a “quickly and dirty” (to quote the skeptics on the Piano World website) method to address voicing. (They should refer to it as “quick and sweet”!) I wish you all the best in promoting your concept with technicians. Do not let them dissuade you, but rather challenge them to try it !! What do they have to lose, really? They can always go back to what they have been doing if they don’t like it…chopping away at hammers with needles like a lumberjack.

My next purchase will be your new tuning hammer. I think I will put it on my Christmas list! Keep innovating, Eric, and Godspeed, my friend.

With appreciation, Douglas Gordon – Nashville, TN

Piano Tuning Course The Apex Way

NEW!  Exciting Online course with essays, videos, downloads, whiteboard theory lessons, and the roadmap to becoming a really good piano tuner!  Learn to tune a piano with an Electronic Tuning Device (ETD) Exactly the way professional piano tuners do it every day all over the world.  The majority of this course is taught on the Sanderson Accutuner.  You can also use the less expensive TuneLab app.  


Your enrollment comes with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

Demonstrations on GRAND and UPRIGHT pianos throughout the course.  All techniques can also be used to tune spinet pianos. 

Do you want to learn to tune pianos? Do you want the road map to piano tuning success.  Do you need to shave years off the learning process and start making money as a piano tuner in a few months?  Yes!  I can help you do that.  I am going to teach you for day one how to tune a piano using an ETD (electronic tuning device).  I am going to show you the way… behind the curtain, the secrets, the fundamentals that will set you on a path to becoming the best piano tuner and technician in your city.  Many people start learning with other systems and give up before they have success.  They do that because it’s hard and they have the wrong road map.  It can become somewhat impossible to become great tuner/technician if you learn the wrong way or waste years on the wrong approach.  I started making money tuning after just 6 months of studying part time with my 2 piano tuning mentors.  In this course, I will show you everything I learned and help you get started fast.  I’ve watched many people start leaning piano tuning and quit because they were being guided down a silly path full of theory and outdated techniques.  I’m going to show you how the best and most successful modern piano tuners work and tune and thrive in this industry.  You will be able to tune a whole piano with confidence when you complete this course and the exercises I provide.

  2. How long will it take – 1 Month-6 Months – You should get though the theory and the video material in less than a month and after 3-6 months of consistent practice, you should feel very confident. 
  3. How to practice – learn single string light stopping, then learn to tune and clean unisons , then tune a whole piano multiple times practicing all of the techniques over and over!
  4. How many pianos should you tune before you start making money?  50, 100, 300, 1,000?  I can tell you my students can start within a month of real serious dedicated practice.  The key is the jump in… you won’t learn it all on a single piano in your home.  You need to encounter a lot of pianos and a lot of scenarios.  This is where you will get really good fast.  I show you how to get the confidence you need to start tuning for pay fast!
  5. Partner with a technician… someone you trust to help you.  If you can’t find someone in your city, I can be your mentor through the Apex Patreon. 
  6. The APTN offers resources to help you start your business and grow as a piano technician.  This is the starting point and soon, you can become a Certified Piano Technician right here with the APTN! 

Once you enroll: 

It is critical that you start with the hands on sections as soon as possible.  Learning the physical aspect of tuning will take the most time.  The theory and head knowledge will sink in over time as you learn.  Watch the videos on theory several times until you begin to really understand what I am talking about.  No part of this course if fluff.  Every part is critical and I will say it in the least words possible and in a way you can soak it in.  The concepts I will teach you will lay the foundation for your success.  After you have tuned 1,000 pianos, you will still go back to these core concepts to guide your decisions in the field.  These concepts will separate you from other piano tuners and give you the edge you need to thrive in any situation. 
When you start the hands on part of this course follow this order. 

  1. Learn to tune single strings and stop the lights on the tuning device.
  2. Train your ear to tune unisons, getting familiar with the feel of the tuning hammer.  Learn to hear and clean unisions until you get really comfortable. 
  3. Start with your ETD and tune a whole piano from A0 – A88 and then clean it up.  Repeat this over and over until your pianos start sounding really good. 

Catalyst Local Business Marketing Course

Take control and build and boost your own wordpress site for your local business this weekend!

I have been frustrated in the past because I know I have a good product but I couldn’t get the momentum to make enough money to really thrive as a local business.  I know what if feels like to be spinning my wheels and know that something was missing in my plan. BUT I never gave up and then finally… BOOM!  I found the perfect niche in my business and was able to start attracting the right customers at the right time.  I used a few simple (and mostly FREE) techniques to boom my local business and now I am feeling amazing!

I tried the same techniques on a friends failing business and BOOM, he is killing it now in his local business niche.  He went from getting a few sporadic clients a month to getting several new clients EVERY WEEK!  Now I know that this is absolutely NOT LUCK!  I have a formula and a plan that works and I show you how to duplicate my success in your local area with your niche business!

Are you ready to launch your local business to the top of local search results and keep more money in your pocket?  I can help!

The 5 Module Catalyst Marketing Course will take you step-by-step through the most important stages of building a strong online presence for your business and ultimately allow you to rise above your competition, make more money and have the business you have dreamed of.

First, you ONLY need BASIC internet skills to complete the course and implement my techniques for your business! (Can you click around on Facebook and type a letter in Microsoft Word?  Then you are good to go with Catalyst)

If you are already running your own business or are on the verge of launching your very own local business, you can start Catalyst now and you will:

  1. Discover your perfect niche customer
  2. Define your best selling products or services
  3. Build and launch your new hybrid blog/web site.
  4. Boost your business to the top of google search results (yes you can do this without breaking the bank and I will show you how)
  5. Set your online marketing on autopilot so you can focus on servicing  your customers and stop worrying about your online stuff.
  6. Start blogging and adding content to your site that will drive traffic to your business and make you look like the absolute top expert in your field.

All of the above will effectively CRUSH your local competition and leave them wandering what the heck you are doing.

NOTE:  You DO NOT need a web designer, web team or anything else like that. You can do all of this yourself and have your site looking and working just the way you want. You can easily update and add to your new business boom site/blog anytime. (That’s way better than paying a web firm to make changes to YOUR stuff).


  1. Step-by-Step online training videos that take you every step of the way through a launch and boost of your own niche blog site.
  2. Easy action sheets to track your progress and keep you organized throughout the launch process.
  3. Special lectures to help you understand the WHY of the marketing techniques you are beginning to use.
  4. Behind the scenes look at two of my successful business boom sites that are producing new customers every week for me and my clients. (You can copy our success with YOUR business… that’s why this part is so cool)
  5. Online support access to me and the other students in the Catalyst course through the online discussion forum. 

If you want to spend LESS MONEY of marketing but be ON TOP when your customers are looking for your product or services, then you need a Catalyst Boom!


  • If you are a small business entrepreneur with a local service or retail business then you should take this course.
  • If you are about to start your own business and are not sure how to really market to your niche
  • If you are worried about your competitors because they seem to be getting all the business. (uh…. stop them now because they are taking all the money!)
  • If you want to grow your business and reach more customers.
  • If you have a limited marketing budget but want profitable results.
  • If you know well over half of the population finds local business on Google instead of the Yellow Pages but you don’t have a strong online site then this is for you!
  • If you know you are loosing money every day that you are not on the first page of Google.


Even if you already have a web site, you need an online boom!  You want you site and content to be coming up at the TOP and driving people to a specific action when they arrive at your site.  Don’t worry, you can keep your current site and build and strengthen your online marketing with my Catalyst techniques.